Complete and Partial Dentures to Replace Your Smile

Full and Partial Dentures in El Paso, Texas

Full and Partial Dentures in El Paso, Texas

Dentures have been the tried and true substitute for missing teeth for hundreds of years. The denture solution has gained a reputation for its dependable function to renew smiles. 

John M. Purdy in El Paso customizes dentures to meet the needs of each unique patient. Dr. Purdy will gladly discuss options and listen to your concerns. Together, you can arrive at the perfect solution for restoring your smile.

You must act now if you’ve already lost one or more teeth. The longer you go without dentures, the more you risk losing your remaining teeth. Without all your teeth’s support, other teeth shift faster and become weaker. 

Full Dentures 

Certain circumstances, such as gum disease or tooth decay, may result in tooth loss. Once these diseases progress, your dentist may decide to remove your remaining teeth. 

Rest assured that these decisions are not made lightly, but sometimes this is the best step for restoring oral health. No matter your situation, full dentures are an affordable and effective way to return your mouth to full function.

A complete denture has a thin acrylic base that sits along the gum tissue. This piece is custom-designed to match the natural color of your gums. Replacement teeth are built into the base, made of porcelain or acrylic material. Each material is carefully chosen to achieve a natural appearance. 

There are two types of full dentures. 

  • Conventional dentures are when all teeth are removed, and the tissue is given substantial time to heal. Once healed, the complete set of dentures fit in place. The tissue’s time to heal could take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. During this time, the patient will go without teeth.
  • Immediate full dentures are just that – immediate. You can replace your missing teeth in the same visit. Although, the gums can take up to two months to heal enough to support traditional dentures. You’ll need several adjustments to ensure the best fit, as your gums shrink after extraction. 

Before pulling the remaining teeth, Dr. Purdy will take measurements of the patient’s mouth. The dentures are placed when the patient returns for the procedure and directly after the patient’s remaining teeth are removed. The patient’s jawbone and mouth may shift in the healing process, so Dr. Purdy would recommend a follow-up visit to check the placement of the dentures. Over time, the dentures must be tightened as the patient’s mouth heals.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are the better option when you haven’t experienced substantial tooth decay. Partials only replace a portion of your teeth and rely on healthy teeth around the denture for support. 

Tooth loss affects both appearance and function after losing even one tooth. If you want to fill a gap, partial dentures are a cost-effective option. Using partial dentures can quickly restore your smile and ability to chew. They also help prevent your natural teeth from shifting into the gap. Keeping your natural teeth in place increases the chance that they will stay healthy in the long run.

Most removable partial dentures are built into a thin metal frame supported by your natural teeth. It is designed to sit snugly along your gum line for a smooth and natural feel. Your natural teeth support this metal framework, creating an easy-to-use, reliable and effective system. 

Replacement teeth are attached to the frame in the location of your missing teeth. The framework is then covered with an acrylic base that matches your natural gum color. 

Dr. Purdy will carefully assess your needs to provide a comfortable solution. He works with skilled technicians to build a partial denture that will restore the natural appearance of your smile. 

Get Your Dentures in El Paso, TX, at John M. Purdy

Regardless of the type of denture, they are great for replacing missing teeth. John M. Purdy, DDS, offers affordable dentures using the best material and precision attachments on the market. 

The thought of dentures can be scary, but knowing you have several treatment options is comforting. If you’re experiencing any symptoms, we encourage you to schedule a visit to John M Purdy in El Paso, Texas. We can help you evaluate the best course of treatment and answer any questions you have. For more information about dental care, dental implants, and dentures or to schedule a consultation, please call today at (915) 593-1833.