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Many patients suffer from dental anxiety, and others avoid visiting the dentist altogether. Luckily, many modern technological advancements can make your visit more comfortable and even enjoyable. 

At John M. Purdy, DDS, we firmly believe our patients are entitled to the most comfortable, safe, and effective treatments available. Regardless if you are visiting our practice for a cleaning, exam, or another dental service, we use the latest dental technology to help ensure ultimate satisfaction. Dr. Purdy is dedicated to upholding the highest patient care and satisfaction standards.

Dental Technologies at John M. Purdy, DDS

Digital X-Rays 

Modern digital x-rays magnify and enhance your teeth for better diagnosis and treatment. This modern technology allows Dr. Purdy to take images of your teeth and surrounding structures and display them on a monitor quickly and with remarkable accuracy.  

The images taken provide all the information needed to plan your dental treatment. Digital x-rays require less radiation than traditional x-rays with film. Digital x-rays are the safest and most effective dental technology today.

Intraoral Camera Technology 

Intra-oral cameras are about the size and shape of a standard dental mirror. They are used to record images of your teeth, gums, and tongue from the inside of your mouth. Thanks to its small size and sleek design, it is comfortable and easy to use. 

The intra-oral camera is safe and effective and can be used with patients of all ages. The camera is a precious resource for diagnosing and treatment planning. Dr. Purdy can comfortably take a “video tour” of your mouth. He can view various angles and zoom in on problem areas to diagnose conditions.

A disposable cover is changed each time we use the intra-oral camera at John M Purdy DDS, ensuring your health and safety at all times. After your exam, images captured by the intra-oral camera may be digitally stored, printed out, or deleted.


One of the newest technologies implemented in general dentistry is ultrasonics. Professional teeth cleanings aren’t just for aesthetic appeal but are the primary means of preventing disease and tooth decay. For this reason, teeth cleaning is one of the most critical parts of your biannual checkups. It allows for thoroughly cleaning your teeth, gums, and mouth. 

To remove dental plaque and tartar deposits from your teeth, dentists typically use a technique called scaling. Traditionally dentists use a small instrument to remove the residues from your teeth. Dental scaling has always been manual in the past, but ultrasonics have changed how dentists clean teeth. Read more about it here.

When a patient has an extensive buildup of plaque and tartar, these substances can contain disease-causing bacteria that cause significant damage to the teeth and overall oral health. 

An ultrasonic scaler cleans teeth by electromagnetic forces in the hand-held “wand, ” making the tip vibrate. These vibrations are faster than the speed of sound and effectively blast away all plaque and calculus build ups on the teeth. A small stream of water also accompanies this process, called a lavage (‘a wash’ in French), that emerges near the scaler’s tip and helps blast away any remaining buildup.

Ultrasonic dental cleanings are not painful, and in fact, you may not even feel the vibrations. However, because they are electronic, they are not recommended for patients who have pacemakers.

Cutting-Edge Tech at John M. Purdy, DDS | El Paso Dentistry

At John M. Purdy, DDS, we are passionate about our patients and their dental health. We are uncompromising in our technology, your comfort, and the quality of our work. 

Whether your dental needs are simple or complex, Dr. Purdy and the experienced team provide the highest quality dentistry in El Paso, TX. Enjoy dental care at our El Paso dental practice; it’s unlike anything you have ever experienced!

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